Inundation Map

Image courtesy of the Army Corps of Engineers

More than twice the amount of water released last year will soon flow from Gavins Point Dam on the Missouri River near the Nebraska and South Dakota border. Commander of the Kansas City District for the Corps of Engineers Colonel Tony Hoffman said they’re moving equipment into place to prepare for the release. “We have 1.5 million sandbags on hand, zero issued in the last 24 hours. We have nine pumps on hand, zero issued in the last 24 hours. All six sand bag machines have been issued. Contracts are in place to provide additional pumps and sand bag filling machines if required,” Hoffman said.

The Corps has also released inundation maps for the Kansas City District. “There are two versions. The first provides detail on a street-level base map. The second is an overlay over aerial photography. Our emergency operations center is activated at a level two, partial activation. Based on the most current forecast, we are now not expected to go to level one, full activation, until Wednesday, June 8th,” Hoffman adds.

Hoffman said that is subject to change based on river conditions.

The maps can be found here.