The Slater City Council dedicated time this week to setting goals for the 2013 year.  Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross talk to City Administrator Russell Griffith:

Russell Griffith

While a total of 24 items made the list, there is one in particular that can be identified as a primary focus.  “Attracting new businesses and maintaining our existing ones are the top item, ” said Griffith, ” We went in with Marshall Saline Development and the Zimmer Group and were included in the Saline County plan. We’ve always offered free lots and reduced pricing on our industrial park property.  We also have some buildings on main street that are city owned and we let people go in free for a year to try to help them get their business started.”

Also on Tuesday’s agenda was a discussion of the recent snow storms and their impact on the city’s budget.  “We probably have $25,000 to $30,000 invested if you add up all of the equipment, overtime, fuel, and break downs, “said Griffith, “That hurt us.  We’re strong, but starting out in January and February things are pretty tight.  So the snow got us a little but but we’re fine.”

The city participated in Tuesday’s statewide drill and found all of their sirens to be in proper working condition and ready for the spring season.