A closed session with the Park Board will start off Tuesday evening’s City Council meeting in Richmond.  Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with City Administrator Ron Brohammer:

Ron Brohammer

Council is scheduled to discuss possible real estate transactions during the special meeting.

Once Council moves into regular session, the mayor will recognize Terry Dickey, the 2013 Civic Award Winner. “Terry, while he is a City employee, the award recognizes his service to the community. He’s been very active in school sports programs and just about everything that involves youth activities in the City of Richmond,” said Brohammer.

The purchase of a new dump truck will also be discussed. If approved, the new equipment will replace one at the cemetery that was stolen and burned. “We’ve looked around for something.  I think our best approach is maybe to try to buy a new one and fit it out the way we need it,” said Brohammer, “It’s kind of a unique piece of equipment, so finding a used one that works has been kind of difficult.”

Bonds will also be addressed.  Richmond recently received an A rating from Standard and Poor. “Probably what’s the most important part of the meeting will be addressing the bond-related ordinances,” said Brohammer, “And this is where the City will actually finally make a committment to about $5.5 million of revenue bonds for starting work on our wastewater treatment plant.  So, it’s been about almost three years in getting here, but we’re almost there.”

The closed session begins at 5:30 and the regular meeting starts at 6:30 Tuesday evening in Council Chambers.