The Richmond City Council will discuss the purchase of two new police cars at Tuesday night’s meeting. Click to hear KMZU’s Chelsea Wade speak with City Administrator Ron Brohammer:

Ron Brohammer

Some of the city’s older vehicles have almost 150,00 miles. “It’s budgeted in the 2014 budget, the budget that will go into effect in October. And, just round numbers, about $28,0000 to $30,000 a piece if we buy new ones. If we can find some used ones, then it would be about $17,000 to $18,000 a piece,” said Brohammer.

Council will also look into purchasing a new cemetery truck. Their old truck was stolen and burned several months ago. The City received about $14,500 from their insurance provider. “To find a replacement truck similar to that is pretty difficult. So I was looking to buy a new one, which would have cost about $25,000 to $28,000, but the Council has hesitated to spend that much money for a cemetery truck. So we’ve been trying to find a used one or something that would work. And so we’re just really in discussion on that,” Brohammer said.

Regular session begins at 6:30.

The Public Works and the Ordinance Committee will meet with Council for a meeting at 6:00. They will discuss using part of the transportation tax on sidewalks at a pre-council meeting at 6:00. They will discuss to possibility of using a small portion of the 1/2 Cent Transportation Tax for sidewalk construction.