A vote on the proposed smoking ban is expected at Monday’s City Council meeting in Sedalia.  Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with City Administrator Gary Edwards:

Gary Edwards

Council has been discussing the issue for several months, both in work sessions and at their regular meetings.  “They’ve been discussing such things as, ‘Should private clubs be included?  And if they are included, would the smoking ban be in effect only when the public is invited to those private clubs?  And also the issue of bars, and should bars be included?'” said Edwards.  The version up for consideration Monday night forbids smoking in both bars, but not private clubs.

As the current draft reads, if approved Monday, the ordinance will go into effect September 1st.  Those who disobey the ordinance would receive a warning the first time, but a fine for repeated violations.  Individuals would be fined $50 for each infraction, and business would start at a fine of $100, with an increase for repeated problems.

A copy of the current draft is available at www.cityofsedalia.com.

Council is also scheduled to consider authorizing the Sedalia Police Department’s application for the 2013 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Local Grant.  They will also review the department’s purchase of mobile radio upgrades.  Those funds will be reimbursed by a different grant.

Council’s committee meetings begin at 6:00, and the regular session will begin at 7:00 in Council Chambers.