CHILLICOTHE, MO – At a meeting of the Chillicothe Council last night, councilmen discovered their course of action had been determined by a previous council.

There was some contention when councilmembers realized that a planned road leading to the new elementary school would be asphalt instead of concrete. Virtually, none of the members, code enforcement officials, or city administrator, were serving at the time the proposal was accepted by a previous council. Some of the current members entertained notions of refusing to authorize the adoption of Coach K Street into the city. Councilor Robert Cowherd disagreed, saying the city had already approved the plans for the street.  Current members were of the impression that concrete should have been specified in the project, as it is a standard practice. However, city codes allow for asphalt to be placed, which some on the council thought would be more expensive to maintain.

The street is named for coach Dave Kinen, who retired in 2012 due to ALS.

Councilmembers discuss the matter with Councilor, Robert Cowherd, and the superintendent of schools.