City maintenance on Country Club Drive in Carrollton has been limited to the first portion of the road because the latest extension does not meet city ordinance.  Ward Two Council person Scartlet Horine explains the initial road construction was approved by a previous city council, but with reservation.   

Scarlet Horine -1

According to Horine, there are a number of guidelines that need to be met.

Scarlet Horine – 2

Horine says the specs are in place to make sure Carrollton is not stuck maintaining projects that don’t measure up…

Scarlet Horine -3

Rainbow Ridge Development Company played a large role in building the subdivision.   President and C.E.O. Curtis Fisher says the next step is to bring the road up to par.

Curtis Fisher-1

In other council business, members approved the sale of four abandoned vehicles.  One bidder purchased all of the autos for a combined value of more than twelve-hundred dollars.