SALINE COUNTY, Mo. — Formal arraignment has been scheduled for a Slater woman and her daughter accused along with her son and son-in-law of arson in Saline County.

Lillian McDaniel, left; Sabrina Reeves, right (SCSO)

At a counsel status hearing Wednesday morning, the public defender advised the court that 41-year-old Lillian Diane McDaniel and 20-year-old Sabrina Reeves did qualify for their services.

A hearing is scheduled for 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday, December 19 for their formal arraignment.

Two other family members, 18-year-old Jordan McDaniel and 28-year-old Joshua Reeves were also charged after evidence, including a phone message from Joshua Reeves  to the victim, threatening to burn down a home destroyed the same day by fire in Miami.

All four remain behind bars in Saline County.