The statue of Old Drum, the dog whose death was taken to Missouri Supreme Court in the 1800s, stands at attention on the Johnson County Courthouse grounds.

WARRENSBURG — The city of Warrensburg is considering to stop funding to the Old Drum and Friends Animal Shelter, due to city budget woes caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

City finance director Marcella McCoy said at the Aug. 10 city council meeting options include the elimination of funding to Johnson County’s only animal shelter or cutting several city positions to meet a balanced budget, according to reporting in the Warrensburg Daily Star Journal. The pandemic has pinched sales tax revenues, which bolsters the 43-year-old shelter’s operations.

Old Drum and Friends adopts 500 dogs and 400 cats annually, according to acting animal shelter manager Kayla Frank.

“What are residents to think when the state of Old Drum, the dog, no longer has the animal shelter? Are we not the town with the slogan, ‘Home of Man’s Best Friend?’” Frank asks the council.