Early Saturday morning, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to block funding of EPA’s implementation of the increase in ethanol blend in the nation’s gasoline supply to 15 percent. 25X’25 called the vote, – misguided. The anti-biofuels amendment was approved as part of a continuing resolution adopted by the House to fund the government through the remainder of this fiscal year ending September 30. 25x’25 Alliance Co-chair Read Smith says the move, – effectively overturns EPA’s previous decision to allow for increased use of renewable, homegrown biofuels. Smith says – this is a wrong-headed vote because any concerns about any impact of higher ethanol blends have been answered. Smith continued, – the vote also negatively impact’s the nation’s economy, our balance of payments and public health by further increasing our dependence on oil and exposure to toxic emissions associated with gasoline production and use. Retired Vice Admiral Denny McGinn, another 25x’25 Steering Committee member, says – the military costs required to protect our oil transportation lanes places a heavy premium on the petroleum we use in this country. And ultimately, any policy that increases our dependence on foreign oil will cost us dearly and greatly risks more U.S. military casualties. The Senate will soon have the opportunity to address this issue when it takes up its version of a continuing resolution after the President’s Day recess.