doritos_dogUNITED STATES — The interactive competition between the Frito-Lay Company and consumers is drawing to a close. In the 10th and final year, the Crash the Super Bowl competition will be bigger than ever.

Over the past nine years, fans from across the country have submitted ideas to the company for Doritos Super Bowl ads in hopes of making a mark in American Pop Culture history. This year will be no different.

“Our tenth and final year, the stakes are higher,” said Jeanie Cho, Senior Marketing Director of Marketing for Frito-Lay. “We’ve evolved the program over time to continue to help fans get their big break and, you know, this year we are guaranteeing a million dollar prize plus the opportunity to collaborate with Zach Snyder, while working with Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment in the future.”

During the ten year stint, the company has aired a number of memorable commercials, each different in its own way. Cho said it is difficult to pick a favorite out of the bunch.

“It’s like choosing between your kids if you have any,” Cho said. “It’s hard to do. They’re all great, and for different reasons. They touch on different topics of humor, so it’s hard to choose.”

Crash the Super Bowl was first created nine years ago to give consumers and fans of the Doritos brand the opportunity to creatively work with the company. The competition gained footing in the rising social media frenzy and took off.

“It was really just getting started. Facebook was really still on college campuses,” Cho explained. “YouTube was just getting started and the notion of turning over the brand to our fans in our biggest advertising moment was really a big gamble, but it felt right.”

Anyone can submit their own creative ideas by visiting