The public is able to obtain open record criminal background checks, through the Missouri State Highway Patrol. Click to hear KMZU’s Jill Molloy talk with Lt. John Hotz with the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

Audio: Lt. John Hotz

Press Release from the Missouri State Highway Patrol

Colonel Ron Replogle, superintendent of the Missouri State Highway Patrol, announced today the launch of a Web site that will allow the public to obtain name-based open record criminal background checks in a matter of seconds. Previously, record check requests that were mailed to the Missouri State Highway Patrol took two to four weeks to complete.

“This is another example of the Patrol using technology to more efficiently and conveniently serve the public,” said Colonel Replogle. Colonel Replogle noted that in October, the Patrol launched an e-mail alert system that allows Missourians to sign up for and automatically receive notifications regarding registered sexual offenders living or working in their area.

The criminal history check Web site, called the Missouri Automated Criminal History Site (MACHS), can be found at or can also
be accessed by going to the MSHP’s Web site,, and clicking on “Background Checks” in the red information bar at the top of the main page. Then click on the link to MACHS from the Background Check Page of the MSHP Web site.

MACHS allows anyone to create a record check account. Once an account is created, users may submit the name, date of birth, and/or social security number of a person and receive all Missouri open record criminal history information related to the individual.

The same $10 fee for each record check that is charged for mail-in and in-person records checks will apply online, along with a convenience charge for each request. The convenience charge is $1.00 for up to three record checks. For four or more record checks, the convenience charge is a percentage of the total transaction amount. The convenience charge is paid to a vendor for processing credit card payments.

Electronic Payment Services|
(Credit and Debit Cards): |
Transaction Dollar Amount |
Processing Fee |
$0-$33 | $1.00
$33.01-$100 | 3.00% of purchase amount
$100.01-$250 | 2.95% of purchase amount
$250.01-$500 | 2.85% of purchase amount
$500.01-$750 | 2.85% of purchase amount
$750.01-$1000 | 2.80% of purchase amount
$1000.01-$1500 | 2.75% of purchase amount
$1500.01-$2000 | 2.70% of purchase amount
$2000.01-and up | 2.60% of purchase amount

All completed information will be sent electronically to the user’s account in Adobe PDF format and can be saved or printed. The vast majority of requests made through MACHS should be completed and sent to the user within seconds. However, a small number of requests may take up to five business days to complete when Patrol employees must research a court disposition or determine whether a record is open or closed.

Missourians who do not have Internet access can continue to request record checks by mailing the requests to:
Missouri State Highway Patrol
Criminal Justice Information Services Division,
P.O. Box 9500, Jefferson City, MO 65102.

Records requests can also be made in-person at the Criminal Justice Information Services Division’s public window at the Missouri State Highway Patrol General Headquarters, 1510 East Elm Street, Jefferson City, MO 65102. In-person records checks can generally be processed within 30 minutes.

Citizens with questions about MACHS should call the Patrol’s Criminal Justice Information Services Division at 573-526-6312 or e-mail.