UPDATE: 08/04/2017 1:56 p.m.- The Marshall Police Department released a written statement today in reference to the plane crash in Marshall, Mo., this morning. 

About 9:00 a.m. today we received information in regard to a crop duster plane crash near Drake road and U.S. Hwy 65 in a corn field. The FAA has been notified and will be conducting the investigation and working the accident scene. The pilot stated he was losing power to the engine of the plane after takeoff and he was looking for a safe place to set it down.  The pilot is okay, no apparent injuries to him, some beans, corn and a chain link fenced damaged and as you can see by the pictures he was able to keep the plane from flipping over or rupturing the tanks which prevented chemicals from spilling.

–Sgt. Roger Gibson


UPDATE: 08/04/2017 12:09:59 p.m.- A representative with the Marshall Fire Department confirmed that emergency personnel no longer remains on scene of the downed plane.

No official report has been received from authorities but sources believe FAA will be in charge of investigating the cause of the crash.



MARSHALL, Mo.- Sources indicate a single-prop crop duster went down near Area 51 Cuztomz in Marshall, Mo.

The pilot reported possible engine damage during takeoff as a cause for the crash but has yet to be confirmed. Representatives from the Marshall Police Department said when they arrived on scene the pilot was unharmed and walking out of a cornfield near Drake Road.

FAA is expected to investigate the incident.

Photo Credit: Everette Arrington

Photo Credit: Everette Arrington