Seasonal temperatures returned with scattered showers across Missouri allowing 5 days suitable for fieldwork with the northern districts seeing less than 4 days suitable. Spring tillage was at 92 percent, and that is still three weeks ahead of last year, and almost a month ahead of the 5-year average.

Corn planted went up another 9 points from last week to 93 percent. That’s two weeks ahead of last year, and close to three weeks ahead of normal. Emergence is at 74 percent, 11 days ahead of last year, and 16 days ahead of normal.

Condition was 1 percent very poor, 5 percent poor, 23 percent fair, 59 percent good, and 12 percent excellent. Rain was needed in the southeast to improve corn condition. Corn replanting occurred in northern districts.

Army worms were reported in the central and south-central districts.

37 percent of Soybeans have been planted, just over two weeks ahead of last year, and 14 days ahead of normal with 13 percent emerged.

Sorghum planted was 41 percent. That’s just over three weeks ahead of last year and 17 days ahead of normal.


46 percent of the crop is turning color. Crop conditions are rated 12 percent poor to very poor, 23 percent fair and 65 percent good to excellent.

The first cutting of Alfalfa is half-way complete with other hay being nearly a quarter complete.


Pasture conditions decline to 10 percent poor to very poor, 29 percent fair and 61 percent good to excellent.