The western leg of the Pro Farmer crop tour spread out through parts of Iowa midweek discovering the soybeans were the greatest disappointment.  On the eastern leg, Illinois corn yield came in at 121 bushels per acre, higher than USDA’s 116 estimate but down 22% from the tour forecast last year.  Illinois soybeans were estimated down 21 % over last year.
The west central part of Iowa appeared the most challenged with yields averaging 143 BPA, down 17% from last year.  Scouts sampled soybean plants that looked healthy – but that can be deceiving. Pro Farmer Editor Chip Flory says it was obvious this season’s drought stress cut pod production…


Counts in the region were down by 28%.  Scouts have reported finding pods that appeared to be aborting seeds.   The variability throughout the tour continues with both legs reporting a few garden spots with the forecasted yields even higher than last year, but that seems to be the acceptation, not the norm.