Some kids have escaped summer chores so they can they attend 4-H camp.  Crowder State Park welcomed it’s second round of campers this week.  Becky Simpson is a Youth Development Specialist who serves Daviess, Harrison, Gentry and Andrew counties.  She says the annual gathering includes a wide range of activities…4HCamp-1-ja
Members also spend time swimming, performing skits and lingering around the camp fire.  In addition, they have a chance to interact with people from 15 local counties…4HCamp-2-ja

Bob Teagarden and Becky Simpson work in the rec room while the kids spend time at the pool.

For the first time Clover Kid camp kicked off the season by welcoming the youngest members for a special session..4HCamp-3-jaAnyone who’s been to the Crowder State Park for the 4-H experience will be happy to know Bob Teagarden is still a part of the camping experience.  He’s volunteered at the camp and taught leatherworks each year since 1971.