WASHINGTON, D.C. — The USDA is now accepting re-enrollment or contract extensions for the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP).

Crop or livestock producers may now option to add an additional year to their expiring CRP contracts or re-enroll in the program for a new contract.

Photo: United States Department of Agriculture

According to a press release Friday, farmers and ranchers who are not involved with the CRP can enroll for the first time from June 3 through August 23.

One of the largest conservation programs in the nation, the CRP rents land from producers for conservation purposes. The program aims to maintain or restore populations of local plants and animals using habitats that are set aside on farm lands.

Practices such as filter strips, grass waterways, and riparian buffers are some of the conservation efforts accepted by the USDA.

With 10 to 15 year contracts, rental rates paid to farmers and ranchers are set at 90 percent of the 2018 signup rates.

To learn more about the program, visit the USDA’s Farm Service Agency website.