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Daviess County  
Precincts Reporting:77
Daviess County Presiding Commissioner  Votes
Jim Ruse (R)2556
Daviess County Clerk of the Circuit Court  Votes
Pam Howard (D)2285
Daviess County Clerk  Votes
Teresa Eaton (I) 1108
Ronetta Burton (R)1776
Daviess County Recorder of Deeds  Votes
Jane McKinsey (D)2229
Daviess County Prosecuting Attorney  Votes
Andrea (Annie) Gibson (D)2115
Daviess County Circuit Judge (Circuit 43 - Division 1) Votes
Ryan Horsman (R)2523
Daviess County Circuit Judge (Circuit 43 - Division 20) Votes
Brent Elliott (D)2148
Daviess County Associate Circuit Judge  Votes
Daren L. Adkins (D)2142