Time is running out for area residents to register for an Athletic Heart Screening Clinic in Chillicothe. Click to hear Registered Nurse Jennifer Dixon:

Jennifer Dixon

Press Release from the Livingston County Health Center

The Grand River Heart Restart is sponsoring an Athletic Heart Screening Clinic for kids on Saturday, April 14th at Hedrick Family Care Clinic. Saint Luke’s Health System’s Athletic Heart Clinic staff will be conducting the clinic on that day.

For years, the medical community has thought that only about 20 fatal cases of sudden cardiac arrest occurred each year in the U.S. among young athletes. But in reality, these incidents happen more than we realize and are possibly preventable. New research presented in November 2006 by the Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Center at the Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation, shows that the number of deaths among those athletes under 35 is nearly six times higher. This number is still probably an underestimate. In the absence of a government subsidized national registry, there is no telling just how high the number really might be.

Some facts about sudden cardiac arrest in athletes:

• Sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) in athletes occurs most predominantly between 15-25 years of age
• SCA is the leading cause of death in young athletes, accounting for 75% of all deaths
• 60-80 percent of athletes have no symptoms prior to their SCA
• 90 percent of SCA occurs during training or competition

Sudden cardiac arrest in athletes is caused by:

• Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (26.4 percent)
• Commotio cordis (trauma to the chest) (19.9 percent)
• Coronary artery abnormalities (13.7 percent)
• Left ventricular hypertrophy (7.5 percent)
• Myocarditis (inflammation of the walls of the heart) (5.2 percent)
• Ruptured aortic aneurysm, usually due to Marfan’s syndrome (3.1 percent)

Anthony Magalski, M.D., is the Athletic Heart Clinic’s medical director. Dr. Magalski also serves as the Kansas City Chiefs’ cardiologist and spearheads the athletic heart examinations for the University of Kansas Athletic Department. He has received grant funding from the National Football League to further his research on athlete’s hearts. His specialized team strives to provide unparalleled skills in assessing the athlete’s heart in an effort to enhance athletic achievement and reduce the potential risk from unknown heart abnormalities and conditions.

Dr. Magalski and the team at Saint Luke’s Athletic Heart Clinic provide:

Comprehensive cardiovascular history and physical examination
Electrocardiogram to measure the electrical activity of the heart
Echocardiogram that uses ultrasound waves to show the heart valves, size, and movement
Blood pressure checks
One-to-one consultation

Parents are encouraged to schedule an appointment for their child at this special clinic if their child has had any history of heart condition, heart problems run in the family, or your family physician recommends the screening.

Pre-Registration packets are available through the front office at every school in the county and at Hedrick Family Care, at 861 Fairway Drive in Chillicothe. Parents should return packets to Hedrick Family Care clinic to return paperwork and schedule their appointment. Registration to the clinic is limited, and parents must deposit $30, half of the exam fee of $60, to secure their appointment.
For more information about sports physicals, call the health center at 646-5506.