It’s been one year since a disturbing discovery was found northeast of Chillicothe. Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with Livingston County Sheriff Steve Cox.

Steve Cox

No arrests have been made in the case in which deer carcasses were dumped in a creek near Chillicothe. The Sheriff reminds hunters it’s very important to dispose of their deer properly, or face criminal charges.

“Somebody that does dump a carcass of an animal in a waterway is committing a crime. They may not be intending to do that, but dumping anything like that in a waterway is a crime and can be charged,” Sheriff Cox said.

“Keep our resources clean and water supply clean, and not do that. There are other ways you can dispose of a carcass, or animal,” he adds.

Sheriff Cox is reminding all hunters to properly dispose of their deer carcasses.

Sheriff Cox says hunters can also donate unwanted or unused meat to programs such as “Share the Harvest.”

“Hunting season is here and we want everyone to go out and have fun and help reduce the deer numbers through a legal harvest,” Cox said.

“Make use of the meat through your own family or donate it to the Share the Harvest, or some similar program, but what you do after that if you process the deer yourself, really makes all the difference in the world,” he adds.

He also reminds everyone to handle firearms safely this deer season and throughout the year.

Find a participating Share the Harvest processor HERE.