The Saline County Sheriff’s Department is investigating a report of a theft at a home on Highway 20, west of Shackleford.  According to reports, a skid steer and trailer were taken sometime over the weekend.  Click to hear KMZU’s Chelsea Wade talk with Sheriff Wally George:

Wally George

George said the items will be entered into the nationwide database.  “It’s a little unusual for our victim to have all of the VIN numbers and serial numbers off of the equipment.  We were able to put it into our MULES computer system and hopefully we will get a hit on it down the line.  It’s not uncommon for thieves to drive around rural areas looking for things that they think they can grab and sale.”  The value of the items were estimated to be about $20,000.

The sheriff’s department is also looking into the death of a cow late Tuesday afternoon near the Saline/Cooper county border.  “It seems to be a common occurrence around deer season,” George said.  “It’s unfortunate, but it happens.  It could have easily been a person.  Bullets go a long way and hunters have to use common sense when they’re out there in the woods.”  Anyone with information on these two cases is being asked to contact the Saline County Sheriff’s Department at (660) 886-5511.