A busy intersection in Sedalia will remain as it is.

City Council voted five to three Monday night to keep West 10th Street and Winchester a two-way stop. A presentation on the ordinance was delivered at the September 23rd Council meeting. A number of citizens spoke in favor of changing the junction’s traffic to a four-way stop.

Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with Mayor Elaine Horn:

Elaine Horn

The Traffic Advisory Committee has reviewed this request multiple times over the past few years. “Each time, they’ve made the recommendation to Council to leave it as it is because the traffic flow isn’t heavy enough to warrant it,” said Horn, “There’s also a uniform traffic code that has a set criteria to meet to be able to put a stop sign of any kind in place. And to be able to put a four-way stop sign there, we do not meet any of the criteria for that. And Council is very conscientious about following along with the Traffic Advisory Committee because they are very diligent about what they do.”

Council members Tolbert Rowe, JoLynn Turley, and Becca LaStrada voted to change it to a four-way stop. Bob Cross, Larry Stevenson, Stephen Galliher, Wanda Monsees, and Wiley Walter voted to keep it as it is.

The City will continue to monitor the intersection. This discussion also raised the possibility of a review of all intersections in Sedalia, to decide if they have appropriate signage.

Council also approved an agreement regarding a new piece of equipment. The City will receive their new firetruck next month, but the new fire station is not slated for completion until mid-January. ProEnergy Contracting Services has offered storage space in their hangar at the airport. They are not charging the City, but the agreement was drawn out to protect both entities.

The new station costs about $3.7 million and will be located on 16th Street, across from the fairgrounds.