Officials in Marshall have been notified that the Sunflower Development Group has pulled out of its proposed redevelopment project of the old Fitzgibbon Hospital. Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross talk to county commissioner Montee Fenner:

Montee Fenner

“We just received confirmation this morning from the Saline County Historic Preservation Commission that they had received notice that the Sunflower Development Group was ending its proposed redevelopment of the old Fitzgibbon Hospital,”said Fenner,”The company had commissioned a nomination of the building to the national register of historic places in order to qualify for state and federal tax credit.  Consideration of the nomination was on the agenda for this evening.”

Fenner says that the reasoning behind Sunflower’s decision is unknown to them at this time.  There is a scheduled meeting with the Zimmer Group scheduled for Thursday.  They had shown an earlier interest in the project.