MISSOURI — The application process for qualifying medical marijuana patients and caregivers is now six days earlier.

A press release from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services states they are accepting applications June 28 instead of the original date of July 4.

Patients and caregivers must visit medicalmarijuana.mo.gov to enter their information into the online application system. Sample application forms are online now, allowing patients and caregivers to preview the information and documents they will need when they apply as early as June 28.

At this time, DHSS will accept physician certifications as an attachment to a patient’s application rather than directly from a physician. Patients should download a Physician Certification Form from medicalmarijuana.mo.gov and have their physicians fill it out.

Physician certifications must be signed by the physician no earlier than 30 days before a patient applies for a patient identification card.

Prior to applying, patients and caregivers are encouraged to review the regulations in place.