The Odessa Planning and Zoning Commission will once again visit their livestock ordinance at Thursday evening’s meeting. Two different recommendations were submitted at the last Board of Aldermen meeting, one from staff and one from the Commission.

Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with City Planner Will Osborne:

Will Osborne

The staff recommendation addresses the species list. Osborne said there are no specific provisions for exotic animals such as emus and llamas, and they wanted to address the possibility.

“We were looking at having, for administrative purposes, a definition for livestock that included the character or purposes of livestock,” said Osborne. “So the animals that may be used for food, fiber, like their fur or hides, or for labor, that would be classified as a livestock animal. Or could be deemed or interpreted as being a livestock animal by staff.”

He wants to make it easier for staff to make case-by-case determinations, without having to go to Planning and Zoning when an animal does not clearly fit within the regulations.

“We just were hearing from the Planning and Zoning Commission their concern that if the animals were not specifically used for those purposes that they might be considered pets. The language that we put out there really, I think, provides them with the opportunity of saying if the animal may be used for those purposes, and would commonly be understood for being used for those purposes, that staff could say they are livestock. And therefore prohibited.”

The Commission will meet Thursday night at 7:00 in the Odessa Community Building.