For the first time the term “Deadlock” is being used in the Doha Development Agenda negotiations. WTO Director-General Pascal Lamy says he plans to consult delegations in Geneva and ministers around the world in the search for a different way of achieving a breakthrough. Mr. Lamy, who chairs the Trade Negotiations Committee, says he will report back to the membership at the next meeting on May 31.
During recent meetings, several speakers agreed with Lamy that three options will not work: “business as usual”, “stopping and starting from scratch”, and ‘Drifting away’ by wishing the issue would simply disappear. The challenge is to find a viable alternative to these three options, including the possibility of continuing to aim for all subjects to be agreed together or for some to be concluded faster than others.
Some developing countries have repeated their complaint that richer countries are demanding too much. But some developing countries say all members are at fault and that all share the responsibility of trying to find a way through.