The Sedalia City Council delayed a vote on a building inspection ordinance at Monday night’s special meeting. Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with Mayor Elaine Horn:

Elaine Horn

Council wanted to see language put in regarding those who live above public spaces in the downtown before they take a vote on this ordinance.

“We want to respect their rights to privacy, also. We don’t want to inspect their residence, we don’t want to look into where they live their private lives. That’s not our intent,” said Horn, “Our intent is strictly to ensure the integrity of a building that’s 100-plus years old.”

Horn believes it would be difficult to completely avoid letting inspectors into the private residence of a commercial building.

“It’s impossible to check the inside integrity. You can have a leaking window and maybe not know it. With these older buildings, the mortar between the bricks is a totally different type than we use today. And you need to be able to see that and have a professional, historical, structural engineer do the original, initial inspection on these buildings to check the integrity of them.”

Council is expected to make their decision in the next month.

The proposed ordinance will be revisited at another Council meeting. If approved, it would require the yearly inspection of public buildings in the downtown district.