Heartburn affects millions of people and is found to be a potential killer.

PHOTO: Center for the Healing Arts and Sciences

PHOTO: Center for the Healing Arts and Sciences

Click play below to listen to KMZU’s Elizabeth Orosco speak with Dr. Magnano, a chiropractic physician.

A study was done in Sweden at the Karolinska Institute. The study performed by doctors found individuals who experience heartburn once a week or more are eight times more likely to develop a deadly form of cancer called adenocarcinoma. It also stated long-standing and severe heartburn patients were forty-five times more likely to develop the cancer.

“The tissue that brings the food into the stomach, also known as the esophagus, that tissue is not designed to have acid burning through and weakening those cells,” says Magnano.  “…the churning activity from the stomach is actually producing the acid that seeps into the esophagus which is a very big irritation to those tissues, and that’s what breaks down those tissues and then leads to the cancer development. “

Heartburn is a form of indigestion felt as a burning sensation in the chest, caused by acid regurgitation into the esophagus.

“Its the combination of the increased activity of the churning and the increased acid that then starts to affect the tissues around the stomach which produce this burning sensation,” says Magnano. “…heartburn is really just a sign or a symptom that the stomach is not digesting the food properly.”

Dr. Magnano has a Heartburn Rescue Plan:

  1. Replace anti-acids with digestive enzymes, HCL and Pepsin.
  2. Don’t eat meat and starch at the same meal.
  3. After consuming meat or fish, wait two hours before consuming starches.
  4. After consuming starches, wait an hour before consuming meat or fish.
  5. Use probiotic supplements.

AbsorbAid is a supplement containing both plant-derived digestive enzymes and probiotic bacteria. Dr. Magnano recommends taking this supplement if you suffer from heartburn or digestive problems.

“We use it pretty much across the board on any of our patients who are having any digestive disorder especially heartburn, we’re really pleased that eight out of ten patients that just add some digestive enzymes to their situation with their heartburn are getting better with the use of nothing else,” says Magnano. “…with a good quality digestive enzyme you don’t really need to take it per month to see a change, you should notice a change within the first several days.”

For more information on AbsorbAid visit www.naturessources.com