(Island View, UT)  —  A couple whose troubled daughter was featured on an episode of “Dr. Phil” is suing the television personality with claims that he had a hand in traumatizing her during treatment.  TheWrap.com says Terri and David Myers are seeking unspecified damages after Phil McGraw offered their daughter free treatment at a facility in Island View, Utah — which they claim turned out to be a “private prison.”  A lawyer for the TV psychiatrist is pushing back, telling the site that while McGraw recommended treatment, the Myers’ daughter entered voluntarily and he had “no influence over her treatment.”

The couple says their daughter suffered severe mental and physical abuse while at the facility.  Their story was featured on an episode of Dr. Phil’s show last February, in which they detailed the girl’s wild behavior that included soliciting sex online.  The couple is suing on charges of alleged false imprisonment, negligence, personal injury, breach of fiduciary duty and slavery.

Source: Metro News