Authorities are continuing the investigation into an alleged April shooting in Warrensburg.  The Warrensburg Police Department reports James Fuqua, a student at UCM, filed a report claiming he was shot in the arm during a drive-by near Highway 13.  Fuqua later told detectives it was an accidental shooting by a friend of his at a get-together.  Fuqua faces charges of filing a false police report.

Press Release From Warrensburg Police Department

Warrensburg detectives have continued to investigate the reported drive-by shooting that was alleged to have occurred near 13 Highway and Culton Street in Warrensburg
on April 18, 2012, in which UCM student James Fuqua reported he had been shot in the arm. Detectives interviewed James Fuqua on 5/4/12 and he admitted the shooting was actually an accidental shooting that occurred at 701½ Broad Street in Warrensburg. Fuqua told detectives he was shot by a friend of his at a get together. The case will be
submitted to the prosecuting attorney with a request that James Fuquay be charged with filing a false police report.