Drug abuse concerns continue to be an ongoing problem in both rural and urban settings.  Chillicothe Police Chief Rick Knouse said thing look a bit different in that arena than they did a few years ago. ” It’s a lot of prescription medicine,”said Knouse,” Sometimes people will have four or five different pharmacies that they’ll use to get things such as zanex, oxycodone, or OxyContin.  They will then sell that or abuse it.  There are ways they they abuse it that, often times, is very fatal.”

Chief Knouse-1

In fact, Knouse said some people underestimate the results. “It’s just as dangerous as meth, heroine, or anything like that,” said Knouse,” In some cases, it can be even more dangerous.  If you’re not taking your medication as prescribed and choose to abuse it, it can have a very negative effect on you.”

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Knouse recommends locking up all legal prescription drugs, as theft of those items continues to rise.