If you’re in Trenton keep an eye out for a dummy checking your driving speed. Click to hear KMZU’s Mike Stone talk with Trenton Police Chief.

Tommy Wright

Press Release from Trenton Police Department

Chief Tommy Wright of the Trenton Police Department admits it, that he used a dummy that is!

Today, the Trenton Police Department launched another motorist safety campaign to help slow drivers down, titled “The Speeding Dummy”. This morning we deployed a dummy in police car and sat it in an area where members of the community complained of speeding.

After about two hours, we replaced the dummy with a real live officer. That officer ran radar from the very same location, same car and ended up with no observed violations.

We will, from time to time, deploy our Speeding Dummy in efforts to curb speeding and hazardous moving violations. When we do deploy the dummy, you can be sure that at some time, we will replace the dummy with a real officer running real radar.

Anyone having questions are encouraged to contact the Trenton Police Department by calling 660-359-5557 or by emailing Chief Wright at twright@trentonmo.com.