The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has issued fuel pump labeling rules and other requirements for gasoline blends containing more than 10-percent and up to 15-percent ethanol. The new orange and black label must appear on fuel pumps that dispense E15. This label will help inform consumers about which vehicles can use E15. This label will also warn consumers against using E15 in vehicles older than model year 2001, motorcycles, watercraft and gasoline-powered equipment such as lawnmowers and chainsaws.
EPA is also issuing guidance on the compatibility of underground storage tanks with gasoline containing greater than 10-percent ethanol or diesel containing greater than 20-percent biodiesel. The guidance is intended to assist UST owners and operators – including farmers and ranchers – in meeting the existing federal UST compatibility requirements.
EPA does not mandate the use of E15 – nor has the agency registered the fuel – which is required before E15 can be legally sold for use in conventional vehicles.