PHOTO: Brookfield Fire Department

BROOKFIELD, Mo. — Brookfield Fire Officials responded to a call Tuesday morning of a house explosion that rattled floor boards for miles.

According to Larry Flynn, Brookfield Fire Chief, the call came in at 12:12 a.m. on July 21, for a home explosion but no fired.

“We got to the residence, half the residence was gone,” Flynn stated. “It was unoccupied at the time.”

Flynn said the home was considered to be a “summer home” located at the County Club in Brookfield. The family had plans of staying at the home the coming weekend.

“We called the Fire Marshall,” Flynn said. “He had never seen anything like this … there was no gas to the home at all; no natural, no propane.”

The Fire Marshall determined the explosion was caused by an electric water heater in the home. The incident is called a “thermal hydraulic explosion.”

Explosion 2

PHOTO: Brookfield Fire Department

The home was completely destroyed from the blast. Flynn stated the back half of the house is still standing, but barely. Minimal damage was reported to nearby structures.

“There were people all over town, clear to the south side of Brookfield, that heard the explosion,” Flynn said.

No injuries were reported from the explosion. Flynn called it “lucky” that no one was in the home at the time.

For the full statement made by Brookfield Fire Chief Larry Flynn, click play below: