JEFFERSON CITY, MO – Earth Science Week is Oct. 13 -19 and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR) wants to give people a better understanding about the stewardship of  Earth.

The DNR has themed out each day during Earth Science Week that emphasizes the importance of geosciences in everyone’s lives.  There are also Earth Science Week contests that students can enroll in that include photography, visual arts and written essays.  Learn more online at

Focus days include:

Oct. 13 – International Earth cache Day

Oct. 14 – Earth Science Literacy Day

Oct. 15 – Earth Observation Day and No Child Left Inside Day

Oct. 16 – National Fossil Day

Oct. 17 – The Great Central U.S. Shake Out and Geoscience for Everyone Day

Oct. 18 – Geologic Map Day

Oct. 19 – International Archaeology Day

Oct. 19 and 20 – Ozark Mountain Gem and Mineral Society show, Springfield

For more information you can log onto DNR.