KMZU’s Elizabeth Orosco spoke with Ed Foster-Simeon, the president and CEO of the US Soccer Foundation to discuss recent findings from an independent evaluation conducted by American Institutes for Research.According to the study 88 percent of Soccer for Success Participants work better on a team, 81 percent feel better about their futures, and 76 percent stay away from fighting.

But what is Soccer for Success? soccer-ball

The nationally recognized program, which is presented in Mattie Rhodes Center and The Boys and Girls Club of Greater Kansas City is a sports-based group mentoring program that teaches kids in under-served communities the fundamentals of soccer, while also striving to help them build confidence and recognize the values of hard work, teamwork, and persistence.

The same study also found that the program’s participants showed significantly better health results than non-participants.

Foster-Simeon is s firm believer in his programs motto; “Think globally, act locally.” He believes that by pushing for programs like this in your community you will eventually have a greater impact on the world around you by giving children the skills they need to succeed.

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