MISSOURI – eXtension is an ag based organization comprised of more than 70 universities across America and its territories. eXtension saw a need within the farming and ranching communities for more easily accessible and tailored information for beef producers; especially with the rapid improvements in the use of DNA for better breeding. A University of Missouri Extension beef geneticist, Jared Decker, who is also an Assistant Professor for the Division of Animal Science at the University of Missouri, tells us about the live website eXtreme has created to make information more attainable for beef producers.

This live website was created to help beef producers find concise, accurate information about their beef producing needs. Decker says the information found on this new website is even more valuable with the rapid progress in the technology used in beef breeding; especially the technology that has advanced the use of DNA specifics in cattle breeding.

Another feature worth mentioning about the site is the question and answer feature. The site has the answers to the most frequently asked questions already posted, but if you don’t see the info you’re seeking, ask an expert and they’ll get back to you with an answer.