HOWARD COUNTY, Mo. — Election results are rolling in across the KMZU listening area. Results will be announced on KMZU 100.7 FM as they are received by correspondents at court houses around the area beginning at 7:00 p.m. Tune in for live results and refresh this page for the latest update.

**All results are unofficial until certified by local/state election officials.**

Precincts Reported: 55
Fayette R-III School District
For Board Members Three Year TermVotes
Jean Schmidt 238
John M. Stroupe330
Matt Hudson497
Joey Busker292
Proposition "K"Votes
City of Fayette
For Mayor Two Year TermVotes
Kenneth O'Brian95
Greg Stidham240
Brian Cummiskey34
For City Marshall, Four Year TermVotes
Jeff Oswald348
For Alderman East Ward Two Year TermVotes
Anthony Shiflett99
For Alderman NW Ward Two Year TermVotes
Marcus R. Wells121
For Alderman SW Ward Two Year TermVotes
Paden Squires41
Hope Smith83
Salisbury R-IV School District
For Board Members, Three Year TermVotes
Bryan D. Scheiderer2
Pam Lockard5
Terry Lea Hulett7
Higbee R-VIII School District
For Board Members Three Year TermVotes
Mindy Huddleston19
Chad Crawford8
Virgil Earl Leezer Jr.5
Armstrong Special Road District
For Director Three Year TermVotes
Mike Vroman67
City of Armstrong
For Mayor, Two Year TermVotes
Harley Owen36
For Councilperson E Ward One Year TermVotes
Write in
For Councilperson E Ward Two Year TermVotes
Lia DeGraffenreid14
For Councilperson W Ward Two Year TermVotes
Bob Cramer4
City of Glasgow
For Alderman N Ward Two Year TermVotes
Chris Damron26
For Alderman Central Ward Two Year TermVotes
Write in5
For Alderman S Ward Two Year TermVotes
Joseph R. Gibbs13
For Mayor Three Year TermVotes
Teddy Townlain9
For Councilman Two Year Term Ward 2Votes
Scott White3
For Councilman Two Year Term Ward 1Votes
Tammie Hundley7
Harrisburg R-VIII School District
For Board Members Three Year TermVotes
Josh Stephenson5
Collin McBride6
Tina Weber4
Proposition K.I.D.SVotes
City of New Franklin
For Council Ward I One Year TermVotes
Dave Breshears39
For Council Ward I Two Year TermVotes
Newton R. Arbogast37
For Council Ward II Two Year TermVotes
Kerry Thompson19
For Council Ward III Two Year TermVotes
Todd W. Baslee19
Mike McGee24
New Franklin R-I School School Board
Two Board Members, Three Year TermVotes
John Bailey135
Darren Harris132
Matt Maupin40
Leslie Anson114