Beginning in 2013, the election process will change for residents in Chillicothe.  Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross talk to city clerk Roze Frampton:

Roze Frampton

According to Frampton, the action taken stems from decisions made in Jefferson City.  “The changes actually resulted because the state legitislation changed the election dates and what they could be used for,”said Frampton,” The city of Chillicothe has normally had a primary election held in February and a general election in April; however, due to the changes the February election is only to be used for bond issues.”

These changes meant that decisions had to be made by officials.  “The city council had to revamp our ordinances and they needed to decide rather a primary election and a general election which would move all of elctions back,” said Frampton,” Council decided that they would just skip the primary election and only hold a general election in April.”

The new filing period will now run from December 11th through January 15th.