RANDOLPH COUNTY, Mo. — Election results are rolling in across the KMZU listening area. Results will be announced on KMZU 100.7 FM as they are received by correspondents at court houses around the area beginning at 7:00 p.m. Tune in for live results and refresh this page for the latest update.

**All results are unofficial until certified by local/state election officials.**

Precincts Reported: 1515
Randolph County
Sales Tax QuestionVotes
Higbee R-VIII School District-Board of Education (choose two)Votes
Mindy Huddleston118
Chad Crawford48
Virgil Earl Leezer, Jr. 50
Macon County R-I Board of Education (choose two)Votes
Stephen M. Burns0
Donny Wyatt0
Felton Enyard0
Salisbury School District R-IV of Chariton County
Board of Education (choose two)Votes
Bryan D. Scheiderer7
Pam Lockard8
Terry Lea Hulett12
Northeast Randolph County R-IV School District
Proposition Bearcat KidsVotes
Higbee Area Fire Protection District
Board member-six year termVotes
Gerald Wheeler204
Eastern Randolph County Fire Protection District
Board member-six year term (choose two)
Ricky Ridgway109
Rodney Boots100
Board member-unexpired four year termVotes
Bruce DeJonge62
Chris Baughman75
Board Member-unexpired two year termVotes
David Kinder67
Jeffrey S. Brown72
Ambulance District No. 6
Director-three year termVotes
Kevin Palmatory381
Larry Sander264
Village of Cairo
Board of Trustees-two year term (choose three)Votes
Steven Scherbring40
Village of Renick
Board Member-two year term (choose two)Votes
Lisa Chitwood5
James Walker4
City of Higbee
Mayor-two year termVotes
Robert Jones, Sr.12
Carl Wheeler81
Alderman North Ward-two year termVotes
Amy Pottebaum54
Alderman South Ward-two year termVotes
Becky Bonuchi28
City of Clifton Hill
Mayor-four year termVotes
Alderman-four year termVotes
Village of JacksonvilleVotes
Board of Trustees-two year term (choose two)
Jason Nelson8
James Vestal8
City of Moberly
Councilman-three year termVotes
Jerry Jeffrey376
Tim Brubaker433
City of Huntsville
Mayor-four year termVotes
Connie Kissell92
Frank Miller104
Councilperson Ward 1-two year termVotes
Councilperson Ward 2-two year termVotes
Keyla Carnahan69
Councilperson Ward 3-two year termVotes
Brian Kissell30
Mike McCawley47
Councilperson Ward 4-two year termVotes
Jon Gordy56
City of Clark
Mayor-two year termVotes
Jamie Dougherty17
Collector-two year termVotes
Betty Colley19
Alderman-two year term (choose two)Votes
Ashley Heath17
Harold Cable18