Proposition A, which transfers control of the St. Louis police force back to the city, passed by a 28 percent margin.

Tobacco taxes won’t increase after voters checked “no” on Proposition B.  The tax would have been used to create the Health and Education Trust Fund.  The measure was narrowly defeated – 51 to 49 percent.

Voters overwhelmingly approved, by a decisive 62 to 38 percent, Proposition E, which will prohibit state agencies from establishing state-based health insurance exchanges without approval by the public or legislature.

Locally, Concordia voters approved a 12-year quarter-cent sales tax for parks and other capital improvements.  However, Lexington residents did not secure enough votes to pass a $4 million bond issue, which would have been used to construct a new hospital.  While there were more people that checked “yes” to approve the measure, it did not receive 57% of the vote, and therefore did not pass.

Saline County officials were a little bit more successful in their efforts.  The “out-of-state use tax” passed with almost 5,000 votes.

The results will be certified county officials in the coming days.