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Northwest Elementary in Marshall was briefly evacuated Wednesday morning after a natural gas smell was reported.  Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with Superintendent Ryan Huff:

Ryan Huff

According to Huff, teachers smelled natural gas and the evacuation was immediately enacted. The gas company was called, and determined the smell came an outside source.  A tank was being filled on a neighboring piece of property at the time and the wind brought the smell into the elementary building.

“It was more of a distraction than anything, but anytime you treat it like a real situation, and practice makes perfect,” said Huff, “So we did it, and the kids did a great job and the staff did a great job.  So it’s just that much more prepared if something else were to happen.”

The school is used by fourth grade and two kindergarten sections.  The students were out of class for about 15 minutes.