Between additional health testing and flooding, the Missouri Department of Conservation’s elk restoration project hit some delays.  Click to hear KMZU’s Chris Perkins talk with program coordinator Ron Dent about the elk program.

Ron Dent

WINONA – Arrival of elk at Peck Ranch has been delayed because all necessary health protocol testing is not complete, according to Ron Dent, elk restoration program coordinator for the Missouri Department of Conservation.

Dent said MDC will select a new arrival date for the elk once health protocol testing is complete. Testing was inconclusive on one animal. Additional testing will be conducted on that one animal and results could be available as early as next week. Final testing is being completed and verified to ensure elk held in Kentucky meet the highest standard of health prior to arriving at their holding pen on Peck Ranch Conservation Area.

The Department of Agriculture and the Department of Conservation continue to implement the strongest health testing protocols in the nation. Missouri’s elk restoration is moving forward and the Conservation Department will continue to keep citizens informed on this conservation initiative.