Making your home more energy efficient can lower utility bills and create more jobs throughout the state. Property Assessed Clean Energy is one energy efficiency policies currently in place in Missouri. Coalition for the Environment Spokesperson Edward Smith says some of those policies must be improved so consumers and businesses can afford the up-front costs. Click to hear Smith

Edward Smith

“What we do not have in Missouri is these energy-efficiency policies consumers like, industry likes and that utilities like. And that’s where we need to focus our legislative efforts, before we start worrying about building huge new energy generation stations like a nuclear reactor.”

Ameren U-E, Missouri’s largest investor-owned utility, has tried several times to repeal a consumer protection law in its efforts to build a second nuclear power plant and pass the costs on to ratepayers. Coalition for the Environment Spokesperson Edward Smith says energy efficiency also stimulates the economy. Click to hear Smith.

Edward Smith

“The question really comes down to, do we want to invest in energy efficiency, which is going to put more people to work, or do we want to invest in nuclear power?”

A second nuclear reactor in Calloway County is estimated to cost 9-billion-dollars to build and would decrease the state’s overall demand for electricity by seventeen percent by 2025.