An almost 500,000 pound piece of equipment is being moved from Liberty to the Smithville area Friday night.

Multiple highways will be shut down as the transformer makes its way to the Nashua Substation. The planned route covers Interstates 35 and 435, Routes 152 and 169, and local roads at times. The size of the load requires the tractors and trailer carrying the transformer to travel on both sides of the interstate in order to avoid overhead signs and overpasses.

Affected roads will be shut down at times, and detours will be established. Drivers planning to travel in this area are encouraged to plan for delays and alternate routes. The move is expected to be complete by 7:00 Friday morning.

Press Release from the Missouri Department of Transportation

LIBERTY – The delivery of a new 480,000-pound power transformer from Liberty to the Nashua Substation near Smithville will require closure of two interstate highways at times, traffic detours and possible delays late Thursday into early Friday morning.

Highway restrictions will begin as early as 7 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 16, to establish median crossovers, adjust traffic signal heads and raise overhead utility lines. Transformer movement onto interstates and state highways will begin around 11 p.m. and be done by 7 a.m. Friday morning.

The massive load (727,000 pounds, including a pusher tractor, a puller tractor and the 36-axle trailer) will travel on Interstates 35 and 435, on Missouri Routes 152 and 169, and local routes at times. Because of the size of the equipment and transporter – 18 feet, 6 inches tall and 195 feet long – the transformer must move on the opposite lanes of the interstates and cross the median at times to pass obstructions such as overhead signs and highway overpasses.

Officials with Edwards Moving and Rigging, the transporting company, expect to shut down I-35 from Route 152 to Route 291 in both directions for up to 1½ hours, and I-435 between Route 152 and Route 169 for up to four hours. Traffic will detour to Route 152 and Route 169 to bypass this closure.

The new transformer will help KCP&L provide power to the Kansas City area.

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