Tony Dawson

Update: The two inmates who escaped from the Livingston County Jail Wednesday night have been formally charged.  Tony Dawson, 23, was found around 1:00 the next morning in Chillicothe and authorities arrested Bobby Waddle, 41, in Brookfield  on Thursday night. Both men are facing a felony charge of escape or attempted escape from confinement.  They are each being held on $50,000 bonds. 

After a tense 21 hours, both inmates who escaped from the Livingston County Jail Wednesday night are back in custody.  Click to hear KMZU’s Chelsea Wade talk with Sheriff Steve Cox:

Steve Cox

Officers from several departments joined the search.  “We greatly appreciate the response from the media and public in assisting us share this information and all the tips which have poured into area agencies,” Cox stated in a news release issued moments after the second detainee was captured.  Authorities arrested Bobby Waddle, 41, early Thursday evening in Brookfield.  The Linn County Sheriff’s Office has returned him to a maximum security cell.  Tony Dawson, 23, was found in Chillicothe less than four hours after the jail break.  Video footage shows the two forced open a door during recreation Wednesday night.  Sheriff Cox said he will review outdoor recreation policies and look into repairing the sally port door.  “Our employees followed proper procedures.  If you look at the configuration of our facility, the sally port area and the exercise yard is very secure.  We have added a roof and fence around the top.  The weak point of the whole area is the sally port [door].  We are going to do everything we can to prevent this from happening again.”

In April 2012, the department found the security door was not functioning properly. The system was repaired and Cox said staff had not noticed any malfunctions.

Bobby Waddle

Waddle was being held for an alleged probation violation on an original charge of distribution of controlled substance.  Waddle, who has been convicted of at least 25 felonies in the state of Missouri, could face more serious charges related to Wednesday’s incident. Dawson was in custody for an alleged felony controlled substance violation.  A search of the inmates’ cells revealed a handwritten note which was allegedly littered with profanity and infers a planned intent to escape, according to Sheriff Cox.

The two now face charges of attempting to escape from confinement.  An additional burglary charge could be filed against Dawson.  The sheriff’s department is also asking Livingston County Prosecutor Adam Warren to consider charges against the people who allegedly assisted the two inmates.

“This marks the first escape at the Livingston County Jail since I took office in January 2001,” Cox said.  “The most recent jail break prior to that date is believed to be about May of 1993 at which time a male detainee escaped through the same sally port door.”