Estate Planning will be the topic of a series of upcoming workshops hosted by the University of Missouri Extension.  Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott talk to Ag Business Specialist Kevin Hansen:

Kevin Hansen

According to Hansen, the sessions will be especially beneficial for farmerss and small business owners.  “The folks that we want to get engaged into estate planning are those that have maybe never thought about starting a plan,” said Hansen,” Also, those that want to keep the family business going forward and keep the transition moving forward.  We will look at the value of farming today versus years ago with the land values.”

The workshops will cover the very basics and well as more specific details.  “Basically what we’re going to be doing is talking with folks a little bit about the tools that are available and looking at probates and trusts and how to use those and incorporate them into your business plan,” said Hansen,” We will cover all the basics that people need to be aware of before they visit with an estate planning attorney.”

The sessions are being held on January 16, 23, 30, and February 6 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.  They will be conducted via ITV with a local facilitator on site as well.  Locations include the Grand River Tech School in Chillicothe and the Brookfield Career Center.

The fee is $50 per person or $60 per couple and registration is required by January 11th.  For more information, contact Kevin Hansen at (660) 646-0811 or [email protected]

Press Release:

Do you want to be in charge of who gets your assets after you’re gone?  Are you concerned about what your estate will cost your heirs? What are the tools available to plan my estate how I want?

These are just a few of the questions that will be answered at the Farm and Small Business Estate Planning Workshop series that is being held on January 16, 23, 30, and February 6th.  The sessions will begin at 6:00 p.m. and run until 9:00 p.m. at the flowing locations: the Brookfield Career Center in Brookfield (122 North Pershing Drive – behind the school); the Clark County R-1 High School ITV Lan in Kahoka (680 East Main Street); Grand River Tech School in Chillicothe (1200 Fair Street) and the Louisiana High School ITV Room (3321 Georgia Street).  These sessions will be done via ITV and each site will have a local facilitator to assist people.  The cost to attend is $50 per person or $60 per couple or single business entity (one set of materials).  P re-registration is requires by January 11th.

“Due to the fact that farmers and businesses have some very unique estate issues, these sessions are geared to their specific needs,”says Hansen, Agricultural Business Specialist with University of Missouri Extension who is one of the persons who will help facilitate this program.  “The major increase in asset values, especially land, in the last several years, and the recent law discussions (and no solution as of this writing) at the Federal level has made this topic evem more critical as of late” said Kevin.  Any interested persons are welcome to attend.  Karl DeMarce, an Associate Circuit Judge from Memphis will discuss probate in Missouri.

Session 1 will discuss Why Plan Your Estate; Who Should be Involved; What Materials You’ll Need; Property Ownership and Business Organization and Choosing Advisors, including attorneys.  Session 2 is on Probate Here in Missouri; Estate and Gift Taxes; Communication Issues with Family and others and An Introduction to Estate Planning Tools.  Session 3 will be on Probate tools and discuss where to go from here.  You need to attend all 4 sessions of this class.

Registration fees include your materials and refreshments.  We hop you’ll plan to attend these worthwhile workshops.  to pre-register, contact Kevin Hansen at (660) 646-0811 or email [email protected]  Space is limited so sign-up today.