The Renewable Fuels Association sent a letter to President Obama about the ethanol industry in response to what they felt was a question of the commitment of ethanol producers and advocates during the President’s Twitter Town Hall. The letter points out the U.S. ethanol industry is the largest in the world – producing more than 13-billion gallons of ethanol each year and reducing imported oil needs by 445-million barrels each year. RFA President and CEO Bob Dinneen says not only is American-made ethanol the most cost-effective motor fuel in the market today – it also creates around 400-thousand jobs.
Dinneen notes ethanol production is showing tremendous energy benefits with current ethanol production producing up to 2.3-units of energy for every unit of energy used. He says ethanol producers are getting more ethanol-per-bushel of corn and using fewer BTUs and gallons of water in the process. He also says American ethanol producers get nearly 100-gallons of ethanol from one ton of corn compared to Brazilian sugarcane producers who get 25-gallons per ton. Dinneen says that shows America’s ethanol industry is setting the curve in technology innovation – and now is not the time to question the industry’s progress or efficiency. He says the U.S. ethanol industry should be a source of pride because it is a sparkling example of what made America great – the imagination to dream and the ability to make that dream a reality.