Parliament is demanding that EU governments ban foods produced from the offspring of cloned livestock. But the EU governments have rejected the idea, saying such a step may provoke retaliation by trade partners. The proposal would have blocked 3.5-billion dollars of beef and pork imports. In an e-mail from Gianni Pittela, the legislators’ chief negotiator, said – the position of the European Parliament would require drawing a family tree for each slice of cheese or salami. A ban would be – unfeasible and incapable of putting an end to cloning of animals, while causing irreparable damage to European agriculture. No system is in place in the European Union or third countries to track natural offspring of closes, meaning parliament’s proposal would result in a “de facto” ban on imports from outside the bloc. The message concluded, – such a ban would be impossible to defend under WTO rules and would lead to direct retaliatory measures by third countries.