Aerial shot of the Bogard Amish community.

Aerial shot of the Bogard Amish community.

Click below to hear KMZU’s Shaylee Miller speak with Albert Lee, an ex-Amish gentleman from the Bogard, Missouri Amish community.

Some listeners may find the audio offensive, user discretion is advised.

Albert Lee, 23, who was born Amish and has since left the community, spoke with KMZU’s Shaylee Miller about the charges of child abuse coming from the Bogard Amish community.

Follow this link to read the court update on the referred to case.

Albert Lee left the Amish community at the age of 15, after being mistreated his entire youth by an abusive father and an enabling mother. His father has since been convicted and incarcerated for his years of neglect to his children. Lee’s father, Andrew Lee, was arrested while living in Lamar, Missouri and currently remains incarcerated.

After Albert Lee’s father was convicted his mother moved their family to the Bogard community for a new start. This move wasn’t enough for Lee to forget his past, and he has since left the community. Lee’s sister has just recently left the Bogard community to join her brother in Columbia, Missouri. Once the siblings were reunited, the younger sister confirmed Lee’s suspicions of wrongful activity continuously being committed. Lee says once he received all the facts he made the drive from his current home in Columbia to meet with Carroll County authorities and report what he knew.

Law enforcement has since taken over the investigation and there have been no reports made to KMZU, in order to retain the integrity of the investigation. However an update is anticipated.

Albert Lee says he blames the Amish Bishop of Bogard for admonishing and strictly warning members of the community of talking to, “the outside world.” Lee goes on to say that members of the community live in fear of “burning in the fires of hell,” if they disobey the Bishop. Lee also says that the accused men have stood up in church and confessed these sexually deviate sins, served two week punishments consisting of being “shunned” from the church and then were forgiven and welcomed back. Lee’s own mother admitted to him of knowing about the situation for five years or better.